Guiding Service: Major Attractions in Yangshuo
(for recommended routes and pricing, see below.)

1. River Cruise. The best place to sit on to watch the beautiful scenery of the Li and Yulong Rivers is from a boat or bamboo raft. You can enjoy the picturesque landscape: feel the crystal clear water, see the buffalos swimming or eating in the river, the fisherman drawing the nets. Along the two banks of the river there are beautiful peaks, pretty bamboos, nice rice fields, quiet villages.
2. Hiking/Biking   The two banks of the Li River from Yangdi to Xingping is really good place for hiking. You cross the river by boat, go through the villages, orchards, rice fields, walking along the mountain trails by the river. Biking along the Yulong River (see photo) is also unforgettable: ride past fruit trees and through farming villages with beautiful karst cliffs as far as the eye can see!


3. Moon Hill (see photo, right) is a really good place to go hiking. It is about eight kilometers away from Yangshuo, you can drive or ride a bike there. The hill is covered by dense forest so the air is very fresh. It is good exercise to climb the mountain and there is a beautiful view of rice paddies, mountains, and villages from the top.
4. Water Caves. There are lots of karst moutains arround Yangshuo, which have many water caves inside. The caves are spectacular, with different shapes of stalagmites and stalactites. They are really good places to visit or explore.

5. Rural Villages Tour. Go to the villages to see authentic China: old trees with birds' nests in them, old buildings made with mud bricks and tiles, orchards with stock hedges around them. You can hear cowbells ringing. You can see the farmers cultivating the fields or carrying water to water the plants. You can walk on the ancient mountain trails. You can pick pomeloes, perismans, oranges, kumquats, plums, strawberries or wild fruits while they are ripe on the trees.

6. Liu Sanjie Light Show.  Zhang Yimao is the directer of the Opening Ceremany of 2008 Beijing Olympic Games. One of his most famous works is the Liu Sanjie Light Show in Yangshuo. This is a performance which tells the ancient life of local people: singing, dancing, washing clothes,fishing, working. There are more than 600 people in the show, most of them are from the villages nearby. The show is held on the water of the Li River, beginning at 8 every evening.

7. Big Banyan Tree.  The Park of Big Banyan Tree is six kilometers away from Yangshuo. The tree is about twenty meters high and more than one hundred and fifty square meters with the age of more than 1500years.
8.  Buddhist and Confucian Temples.  Many people visit the Jiangshan Temple and the Gongsheng Confucian Temple to burn incense and paper money for the local gods, and to pray for many things: peace, health, wealth, safety, promotion, good marriage and so on. Sooner or later, they will become true. That is the local Chinese religion.
9. Yangshuo  Park. Yangshuo Park is near the Yangshuo Bus Station.   Morning is the best time to visit it because you can see the real morning Chinese life at the time. Some people are doing Taichi or Kongfu; some are walking , jogging ,or running; some sing or dancing.  If you go to the pagoda on the top of one hill, you can have a bird's eye view of morning Yangshuo. 

Recommeded Routes and Pricing

1. The standard guiding fee is 50 yuan/person/day. You can choose the activities that interest you. It is a good option those staying only a day or two or those on a budget. (This price does not include pick up/drop off, entrance tickets, boat/bike rental fees, taxi fare, or hotel.)

2. Below are some package deals. You can choose to follow these routes, combine them, or select only the activities that interest you.  The listed price includes pick up/drop off from Guilin airport or train station, entrance tickets to all parks and temples, bike/boat rental fees, all taxi fares, guiding fee, and hotel booking for the duration of the stay. It does not include the price of meals, which depending on your tastes, can range anywhere between 10 and 70 yuan/person/day. We only charge the adults; the childen will not be charged except for incidental fees (e.g. bike rental). Any questions? Please contact us.

Route A: Mountains and Rivers (3 Days)
Day 1:   Pickup at Guilin (city near Yangshuo), take a taxi to Yangshuo. Get settled into hotel, visit the downtown shops and restaurants.
Day 2:   Breakfast. Cycle or taxi to visit caves and rural village. Bamboo rafting on Yulong River. After lunch, visit Big Banyan Tree and Moon Hill. Return to Yangshuo through country path. Dinner in town. After dinner, watch famous Liu Sanjie Light Show.
Day 3: Visit Yangshuo Park in morning. Breakfast. Visit local food market. Cruise on the Li River (private boat). Land in Xingping and eat lunch. Visit Xingping market and then taxi back to Yangshuo. At night, watch cormorrant birds fishing on the Li River.
Day 4:   Taking a taxi to Guilin Airport or Train Station in morning.
Price: Two people = 1420 yuan/person.  Three people = 1280 yuan/person.  Four people = 1160 yuan/person.

Route B: Fruits and Flowers (4 days)
It is our distinctive features to develop flowers tour, fruits tour and other agriculture tour.  Yangshuo is an agricultural county. Lots of vegetables, fruits, and rice are planted here and beacuse of the warm climate, there is almost always something in bloom. For example: peaches, namziberries, orange orchards, kumquat flowers, pomelo flowers, osmanthus flowers, orchids, strawberries, plums, lichees, and many more.

Day 1-3: Bike riding, hiking, and river cruise. Light Show. (See Route A.)
Day 4:    Cycling or taxi to countryside. Visit villages, pomelo orchard, orange orchard, bayberry orchard. At mountain and stream landscape, learn about fengshui. To go this route you will have chance to pick the wild fruits, such as namziberry, rasberry; or watch rice flowers, orange flowers, pemelo flowers or wild flowers; or pick oranges, pomeloes, bayberries in the orchards if you come at the right time. In the afternoon or evening, taking a taxi to Guilin Airport or Train Station.  
Price: Two persons = 1620 yuan/person.  Three persons = 1450 yuan/person. Four  persons = 1320 yuan/person.        

Route C: Religion Tour (4 days)

Day 1-3: Explore the countryside by bike, take a river cruise, see the famous Light Show. (See Route A.)
Day 4: After breakfast, take a taxi to Jiangshan Temple. After Jiangshan, visit Gongcheng Confucius Temple. Have lunch, return to Yangshuo. The Gongsheng Temple often has festivals such as the Peach Flower Festival or the Persimon Festival. On average, there are also many local people that come here to for worship. In the afternoon or evening, taking a taxi to Guilin Airport or Train Station.
Price: Two persons = 1680 yuan/person.  Three persons = 1480 yuan/person. Four  persons = 1330 yuan/person.