Study Chinese with Gary

        Gary graduated from English Department of Guangxi University. He taught English in Beiliu Teachers' School for eleven years before coming to Yangshuo where he has taught students from America, Australia, Canada, Chile, France, Germany, Switzerland and the UK. Two of his teaching methods are: memorizing Chinese characters with association skills and encouraging students to learn Chinese in creative ways.

 1. Survival Chinese: the phrases every traveler should learn
 2. Basic Chinese: learn the fundamentals
 3. Intermediate Chinese: more advanced vocab and conversation.

Price: 50 yuan/hour/person.

In addition, we hold Chinese corner from 8 pm to 10 pm on every Saturday evening, a great chance to practice what you've learned in the previous week (free of charge).

Chinese Cooking with Sophia

Cooking lessons include: introducing the recipies; visiting local food market and buying food from the farmers; washing, cutting and other prepairation work; cooking by yourself with the help of teacher; and, of course, enjoying the food you cooked!

The dishes we offer are all healthy food and authentic Guangxi recipies, such as: whole fish soup, fried beef with chili, pig lung lotus root soup, duck with Chinese dates, duck and gingko soup, fried pork with balsam spear, spicy mala tofu, dumplings, sweet and sour turnips, beer fish, and many more.

Other Classes

Papper cutting can be using to decorate the rooms during festivals or weddings. The papper can be cut into Chinese characters, persons or birds, flowers and other animals and plants.

Pingpong, Erhu (Chinese fiddle), and Calligraphy are all taught by Mr. Ling. He has practised all three for more than thirty years. Many of his students got reward in the Guangxi Province-wide competition.

Martial Arts (including Kungfu and Taichi) is a cultural heritage in China. With regular practise, people are able to treat diseases, protect and strengthen health and prolong life. Mr. Huang Zhixiong, the coach of Kungfu and Taichi, has practised Kung fu and Taichi more than thirty years, and taught more than twenty years. He has lots of students, and some of them became masters of Kungfu.  His courses include:

Taichi class.   This course is especially for those who want to lose weight, get in shape, create confidence and relieve stress.
Kungfu class.   Including Mantis Fist, Drunk Fist, Eagle Paw Kung,  Push Hand, Kicking Boxing. This course is for those who want to learn Kong fu to self-defense and protect others.
Healthy Kung. This course is for seniors who want to get healthier and healthier by practising Kungfu or Taichi.